Need a Loan? Get Money Here!

If you Need a Loan, have bad debt or blacklisted? Try us for the best finance options. We work with various financial institutions in South Africa to get you the best possible short term loan or personal loan. Each financial institution's loan criteria differ and that is why we have such a good success rate, by using only trusted loan companies.

Let us find you the perfect loan option by applying for a loan online.

Always be sure to compare all the different finance option as interest rates and repayment terms do differ from company to company. Make sure you are able to repay the monthly installment as this has a huge effect on your credibility if you apply for a loan in the future. Some people even get blacklisted due to repayment failures.

Please note that all our lenders are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Fees and interest charged in terms of chapter 5 of the National Credit Act (NCA) no 34 of 2005:

Initiation Fee of 15% of the Loan Amount up to R1 000, thereafter 10 % (+ VAT)
Services Fee of R50 per month (+ VAT)

Minimum Loan Period: 6 Months
Maximum Loan Period: 60 Months

Interest charged (APR):
Per Month: 5%
Per Annum: 16 - 60%

PLEASE NOTE: Every Lender has their own policy - this is only a guideline for a personal loan. Our various lenders offers personal loans from R1 000 up to R200 000.

We can assist with Personal Loans, Long Term Loans, Consolidation Loans and Cash Loans. Below is simply a example of a Personal Loan.

Illustrative example on an 60 month PERSONAL LOAN:

Loan amount: R16 500
Term: 60 months
Initiation Fee: R1 140
Services Fee: R57
Interest: 32.65%
Total Instalment: R840.31

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